Below you will find the gala procedures for swimmers. Please be sure to read and familiarize yourself with them.


• Swimmers are to complete their Entry Forms in consultation with their Coach.
• Gala Entry Forms are to be done manually and dropped in the safe @ the indoor pool. (Original Entry Form)
• Gala Entry Fees to be paid in cash/via EFT. (Proof of EFT of payment to be attached to Entry Form)
• Swimmers are to arrive in time at the Pool and report for their warm up on the agreed upon time.
• All swimmers are to report to their Coach, before and immediately after their races for instruction, constructive criticism and feedback.
• Report in time to the Competitor Steward for your race. He/She will call your name and lane number. Check with the AQUANOVA Team Manager if you're not sure.
• AQUANOVA swimmers are to be courteous and mindful of their manners at all times.
• As far as possible, AQUANOVA members and swimmers are to sit together in a show of unity.


• Please note, parents are not permitted on the pool deck unless you are officiating.
• If your child is unable to swim an event, please consult immediately with the Head Coach. Thereafter, please advise the Team Manager, in order that he/she may scratch the swimmer from the race with the Gala Administration staff. Scratchings are only accepted up to half an hour before the start of the session. The Club will be penalised if a swimmer is not present for his/her race. This is normally in the form of a fine, which will be passed on to the swimmer/parents.
• The Team Manager is present at each and every Gala and is the liaison between parents/swimmers and the Gala Administration Office at the Gala. The Team Manager is chose from Club Members and must be registered with Swimming Sout Africa as an official. All queries, late entries and scratchings are to be referred to the Team Manager.


• AQUANOVA swimmers are to arrive at every Club gala in their AQUANOVA kit.
• Only the AQUANOVA swimming cap may be worn at Club galas.
• Swimmers receiving medals must be dressed in the official AQUANOVA tracksuit top and black tracksuit pants. No bare feet permitted during medal ceremony.
• Should there be a march-past by the Clubs, all AQUANOVA swimmers are to be in their official AQUANOVA tracksuit top and black tracksuit pants with sport shoes.