Welcome to your first gala as a Member of AQUANOVA! We know you may be nervous but remember everything your coach has taught you and enjoy the gala. Every time that is recorded today will be your personal best. Go out there and swim your best! The entire AQUANOVA is rooting for you and we're proud that you're representing us. Swim in your new AQUANOVA colours with pride!

* Important things to remember : *

• Report on time for warm up.
• Report to your Coach before and after each race.
• Report in time to the Competitor Steward for your race. He/She will call your name and lane number. Check with the AQUANOVA Team Manager if you're not sure.

At the blocks:

The Referee blows 3 whistles:

• Don't get onto the starting block yet.
• You must get ready to start. Check that yourgoggles and AQUANOVA swimming cap are in position.
• Boys make sure your costume is tied tightly.

The Referee then blows one long whistle:

• Get onto the starting block and into a good position.
• Wait for the Starter to say, "Take your marks."
• Focus on your lane and your strategy for the race.
• NOTE : There will be a n extra whistle for Backstroke.

The Starter announces, "Take your marks":

• DONT look around, fiddle or move on the blocks at this stage. You will be disqualified.
• Within a few seconds the sound of the horn begins the race and the stop-watch.